Ebay: Custom-painted NES

| brandon

A seller by the name of Hello Kitty (with lots of exclamation points!) is selling custom-painted NES consoles on ebay.

There’s Dragon Quest, Metroid, Bubble Bobble, Megaman 2 (airman stage), Legend of Zelda, Super Mario 3, and Kid Icarus (definitely the least professional of the bunch).

They’re all quite nice, and are done with acrylic paints, then sprayed with a finisher, so they shouldn’t wear badly (theoretically). Bit of a monster price point though, with $125 ‘buy it now’ each. But if you’re that kind of weirdo with that kind of money, there aren’t any bids yet, and under 30 views each. Half the fun of finding something like this before everyone else is seeing how high the view counter goes once the blogs get ahold of them! Thanks to NeoGutsman for the link.


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