News: Karous for DC

| lawrence

karous.jpgAccording to Rakuten, MileStone’s third shooter, which has been out in arcades for roughly a couple of months, is getting a DC release on the 8th of march. Such a quick port is unusual (and points towards a cold reception of the arcade version in Japanese game centers) but it was not unexpected, though there have been rumors of a Wii port going around for a while now (which given MileStone’s history might still materialise, along with a PS2 port).

My opinion of the game is that it’s a mildly enjoyable shooter in the same vein as Radirgy was, though if you never end up playing it you won’t be missing out on anything. Visually it’s a slighly better-looking Radirgy, with a nice drum & bass soundtrack and an easier to understand system. It also has three selectable difficulty modes so it’s quite friendly to beginners, though it certainly won’t do much to whet their appetite for more.


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