News: New italian magazine ‘Gamers’

| brandon

Longtime insert credit friend francesco fondi, who does GX Magazine, which we mentioned some time ago, has a new project. It’s called Gamers, and much of it is dedicated to retro games. The magazine is in italian, but still worth picking up – nice graphical design, a translation of an insert credit-published article (the Idol M@ster review), retro game/girl photos from Julie (of Samurai Girl fame – I’ll get to that in a later post), some videogame music history, hardware hacking advice, and lots of other nice stuff. As of right now, the Gamers website only redirects to an email – but I think that’s the only way to get it if you’re outside of italy anyway! This issue was supposed to have content from me in it, but…well…you know. The next one will!

gamers1.JPG gamers2.JPG


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