News: QWAK homebrew released on GBA

| brandon

qwak.JPGI just got an email from jamie woodhouse, the creator of QWAK – a completely homebrew project for the GBA of which there are only 300 copies available. The cost is 15 pounds, or just under $30. Homebrew though it may be, the came comes on a proper cart, shipping included (though I don’t know if he banked on people ordering from outside the UK). You can check out gameplay videos on the site, as well as jamie’s background here. Turns out he’s an Amiga developer who turned to the GBA later in life, most recently working with DSI on those ‘classic arcade’ ports, doing things like Lunar Lander.

QWAK is a port/update of an old game he did for Amiga. The newest version was done by Team 17, of which he was a part, and it really does look quite nice. The ‘only 300’ bit was enough for obsessive-compulsive me, so I ordered mine. We actually mentioned the downloadable demo some time ago, as well.

While I’m at it, mathew carr, the creator of Blast Arena, a similar but more lo-fi project, has announced that he may do a second run. Let him know if you’re interested.


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