News: Armored Core 4 patch

| ollie

ac4_players1.jpgThis is a little late on my part but I’m having a hard time tearing myself away from the game. As of the 28th December Armored Core 4 received an optional patch.

Optional in the fact that the player can choose which “Regulation” they wish to run the game under (this is undertaken in the System menu for those that are curious). The main changes in Regulation 1.10 are:

– PA recovery time quickened (so you can OB more now)
– Solid shell PA defence strengthened
– PA defence of light parts strengthened
– Solid shell effects repaired from scratch
– Tuning strengthened
– Balancing of energy weapons (they were a bit powerful)

In English all that means that the game has been balanced and made more open. You can OB now quite freely without worrying that your PA will falter, plus online versus matches will invariably last longer than 30 seconds. All in all, this is a sage and necessary patch to keep the online community thriving and it was pretty quick off the bat too. With any luck, From Software might keep this kind of behaviour up.


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