News: Super Robot Wars W and Gundam Musou screens

| ollie

srww_voltron1.jpgThe much anticipated Nintendo DS Super Robot Wars has been given an official title – Super Robot Wars W, and a release date – march 1st 2007. There are 18 anime series featured in the game, most notably Voltron (who’ll probably get totally served). Bear in mind though that Voltron is actually called Go Lion in Japan (as in five lions, geddit?), so if you’re looking for for Voltron in this list you might get confused.

The screens of the game look promising and indicate a similar setup to that of SRWJ on the GBA (at least the mecha roster is comparable, though unfortunately minus both the mighty Layzner and Cougar). One thing is certain though; Banpresto need to get those money vats prepared. Otherwise what will they have to swim in when all that cash comes flowing in?

gundam_musou_zaku1.jpgSeguing as if by magic to the screens of Gundam Musou, this looks to be pretty bloody amazing really. It features mecha from the original Gundam up to and including that of ZZ Gundam (which will introduce some interesting balancing issues). The game has also been in development for close to two years and it’s looking pretty damn swanky already. This will sell the PlayStation 3 in Japan like some crazy thing (think of a swarm of several million locusts hungry for mechanical things and you get the general idea).


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