Youtube: Sly Dog Studios NES tips

| brandon

golgo13.JPGSly Dog Studios is a very nice effort put forth by this fellow, basically walking you through some difficult games in the NES library. He does it in such a way that doesn’t completely hold your hand, but rather gets you the necessary info, like ‘there are some powerups in this room,’ citing which powerups, but not telling you the precise location, which leaves some exploration for you, still. It is actually tips, in the true sense of the word, not a straight walkthrough, which is hardly ever done these days.

His work takes the form of Youtube videos, which you can find through his profile. He’s been doing one per week, and aside from a holiday break, shows no sighn of slowing down. In addition to the tips aspect, this is a great way to see further into some of those difficult games without going through the frustration of doing it yourself. He talks through these, all with a soothing NPR-like voice, and sounds like the 30 year old basement dweller we would all wish someone giving us NES tips to be. He also never shows you the ending. He can be funny at times, but recently has been trying just a little too hard at that – more on this in a minute.

First, I’d like to share some highlights. Golgo 13 – he provides useful maps, and seems particulary entranced by Golgo’s ‘meetings’ with the ladies. Double Dragon 3 – hard game, very useful tips here. Karnov – this one’s my favorite of his, showing how tips really should be done. Also quite fun to see the game in action. Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde – impossible game, but he shows you how to get through it, basically. Or you can just watch this and avoid the game entirely.

So, all good stuff, and a great way to see some games from the past that you may not have played through to completion. He doesn’t have a wide fanbase though. You may have heard of the Angry Nintendo Nerd – the guy who complains senselessly about how old games aren’t very good. It’s rather pointless and trite, because, well – games were limited back then. His video about Double Dragon III is flippant and unfunny – but has over 140,000 views. Sly Dog Studios’ video has just over 1,000. So there’s a disparity here, and I’ve seen Sly Dog Studios attempting to insert more direct humor, which I think is a mistake, though…perhaps it’d make his work more popular. I’m hopeful that after this, his views will pick up though, and he won’t have to sacrifice his dry style for a more loud and obnoxious one. So go to, internet!


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