News: Jinseiowata no Daibouken

This is the cleverest platformer I’ve seen in a long time – apologies if it’s already made the rounds in your circle. It’s an ascii art platformer, done in flash with Megaman sounds. It’s called Jineseiowata no Daibouken, or ‘life-ending adventure,’ and it’s absolutely brilliant in the ways it plays with platform game conventions, especially the oldschool ones. I guarantee it’ll trip you up a number of times. It had me laughing and cursing out loud. That happens basically never. Do give it a play through!

Thanks to chaz for finding it. X is shoot, Z is jump, R is retry. If you’re feeling weak, you can check out a youtube video of a pretty well completed quest, but trust me, it’s a lot more fun to discover for yourself. I’ve heard tell that the creator is updating the game continually, so…well…somebody needs to give this person some money.

As a final note, if you start getting obsessive about this (not like me, I hasten to add), check out his test/proving ground page for a bit of an intro to the mechanics.

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Youtube: Game system overclocking

So I mailed that rob fellow after my post about his PC Engine and Genesis overclocking, to see if he had any videos of his results. Turns out he does, though there are only six, and they’re a bit poorly encoded somehow. Regardless, there’s some interesting stuff in there. With the PCE games, you can clearly hear that the music is sped up – check this one of Air Zonk especially. That said, when he uses the bomb, there’s no slowdown, and there usually would be there. Rather impressive. Sonic goes to hell when sped up (maybe that explains the GBA port!), but this golf game I forget the name of sure fares a lot better. And for you Dreamcast fans, here’s some faster bass fishing.

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News: Japanese power of expression exhibit

A new museum in japan is putting on an exhibit of the japanese power of expression, and naturally this includes games. Game Watch has a small report of the section, complete with images. It’s only running til the 4th, so if you’re in japan and interested, now’s the time to go. They have some playable stuff (including space invaders), but it’s mostly just sterile stuff for looking at on white columns. Not quite as cool as the TV Game Museum we mentioned on July 17, 2004, but still rather nice. Thanks to shadowfamicom for mailing the link.

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Play Asia: Card Fighters DS for $20

Play Asia’s deal of the week is Card Fighters DS for $20, japanese version. If you can’t wait for the localized version, though the game’s reportedly not so hot, this is a good price! Oh, and Trigger Heart Exelica DC preorders are up as well, not to mention Karous. Vampire Rain and The Idolm@ster came out this week as well. We published a review of the latter, if you recal. Maybe the first!

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Youtube: DJ Max Portable 2 trailer

The DJ Max Portable 2 (korean beatmania clone for PSP, remember?) trailer is available on youtube now, for the interested. Not as boobtacular as the original, more like an intro to the new modes, which include a five button setup, and wifi play. Incidentally, if anyone knows anything about the final song in the original intro, which is in neither in the PSP game nor the OST (roughly at 1:50 in the video), please drop me a line. That song is the reason I got the original…imagine my disappointment!

Update: Thanks to sqfrk (who mentioned the DJ Max P 2 intro in the first place) and adrian, I now know that the final song is ‘Blythe.’ As sqfrk says, it’s “a DJMax Portable exclusive (along
with Hamsin). It’s unlockable in the game with 38000MAX
points (with an average of around 100MAX per song at
a 95%+ score).” Luckily someone sent it to me – I could never achieve that myself.

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News: Dynamite Deka EX coming to Europe

asian_dynamite.jpgI was beginning to think that the new Dynamite Deka had been canned, because it’s now over two months since the location test and it still hasn’t appeared in the appropriate page on Sega’s website. Turns out it’s still on track for release, and not only that, but it’s also getting localized for the European market! For images of the EU version head over to Objectif-SEGA, which was at the ATEI show in London earlier this month. About the only observation I want to make is that Sega Europe is continuing the proud tradition of butchering the titles of Dynamite Deka titles in the localization process, as the latest in the series will now simply be known as Asian Dynamite in the EU. No word of a US release yet.

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Link: Next-gen console display connections

I’ve been meaning to translate and summarize this guide to display connection types for the new consoles, but since the days and weeks are rolling by and I am still procrastinating I thought I’d link it here before time renders it obsolete. The tech geeks over at Game Watch basically take each of the three consoles in turn and examine your options for hooking them up to a display (HDMI, VGA, Component, etc.), and then with the aid of meticulously composed screengrabs they come up with their recommendations. The article has some inexcusable holes (for example, they don’t mention that both their test displays are completely inappropriate for the Wii), but it’s worlds better than anything you’ll come across in the big Western sites, and basically at this point we’ll just have to take what we can get.

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News: Muchi Muchi Pork!

It turns out that Muchi Muchi Pork! is going to be the title of Cave’s upcoming shooter, and the bitching has already begun: get yours in while you can. The news comes from this page on Cave’s website, which announces the company’s plans for the upcoming AOU show, due to take place at Chiba’s Makuhari Messe on the 16th and 17th of february. Cave says Pork will be playable at the show, so we can expect the first location test either sometime before that, or soon afterwards. At the moment we still don’t know who the director is, but since Ikeda’s Mushihime-sama Futari only came out recently, our money’s on Yagawa helming this.

In other Cave news, check out this French report of the company’s recent end-of-year gathering, which we’ve mentioned before. There’s detailed commentary and a ton of nice pictures, courtesy of a 23-year old blogger living in Kyoto. Thanks to Neo-Arcadia for the heads-up (even though they never link us when they regularly steal our news).

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News: PSone and PS2 backwards compatibility at 480p

Under the guidance of our fearless leader (formerly known as Command Cluster Sheffield), I have been compelled to impart some information regarding the PlayStation 3’s backwards compatibility of PSone and PS2 games.

As has been reported elsewhere, the godawful “filter” that plagued PSone and PS2 games on the PS3 has been thankfully removed as of version 1.5 of the firmware. However, more pertinent is the fact that the PS3 renders PSone and PS2 games in progressive scan (if you have it connected to an HD capable set).

This means that classic games like R-Type Delta and Gradius V looks positively “mint”. 2D games also look suitably sexytime, with R-Types being rather loin moistening. (Although, recap points out that the PS3’s smallest resolution is 640 x 480, which means that most PSone games have to be upresed somehow. Still, it’s much better than it was!)

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News: Katamari Damashii Online

Not sure how this’ll work, but korean dev Cyberstep (of GetAmped fame), in association with Windysoft, is bringing Katamari Damashii Online to PCs, says 4gamer. They signed a contract in November of 2006, and have begun development with aims at a late 2007 release. Basically it’s going to take the versus battle stages from the PS2 and PSP games and plant them into an online arena. There will also be community management stuff, and there will be ‘pet’ and ‘house’ elements, with collectibles and whatnot. You can make your own island, and get new clothing and whatnot from items you gather while playing.

It’s unclear in the article as of yet whether any developer support will be offered from the japanese side, or simply the license, but 4gamer suspects that the deal was made in order for Namco Bandai to get a foothold in the south korean casual online market. Thanks to Zepy for the link.

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