News: Katamari Damashii Online

| brandon

Not sure how this’ll work, but korean dev Cyberstep (of GetAmped fame), in association with Windysoft, is bringing Katamari Damashii Online to PCs, says 4gamer. They signed a contract in November of 2006, and have begun development with aims at a late 2007 release. Basically it’s going to take the versus battle stages from the PS2 and PSP games and plant them into an online arena. There will also be community management stuff, and there will be ‘pet’ and ‘house’ elements, with collectibles and whatnot. You can make your own island, and get new clothing and whatnot from items you gather while playing.

It’s unclear in the article as of yet whether any developer support will be offered from the japanese side, or simply the license, but 4gamer suspects that the deal was made in order for Namco Bandai to get a foothold in the south korean casual online market. Thanks to Zepy for the link.


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