News: PSone and PS2 backwards compatibility at 480p

| ollie

Under the guidance of our fearless leader (formerly known as Command Cluster Sheffield), I have been compelled to impart some information regarding the PlayStation 3’s backwards compatibility of PSone and PS2 games.

As has been reported elsewhere, the godawful “filter” that plagued PSone and PS2 games on the PS3 has been thankfully removed as of version 1.5 of the firmware. However, more pertinent is the fact that the PS3 renders PSone and PS2 games in progressive scan (if you have it connected to an HD capable set).

This means that classic games like R-Type Delta and Gradius V looks positively “mint”. 2D games also look suitably sexytime, with R-Types being rather loin moistening. (Although, recap points out that the PS3’s smallest resolution is 640 x 480, which means that most PSone games have to be upresed somehow. Still, it’s much better than it was!)


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