News: Jinseiowata no Daibouken

| brandon

This is the cleverest platformer I’ve seen in a long time – apologies if it’s already made the rounds in your circle. It’s an ascii art platformer, done in flash with Megaman sounds. It’s called Jineseiowata no Daibouken, or ‘life-ending adventure,’ and it’s absolutely brilliant in the ways it plays with platform game conventions, especially the oldschool ones. I guarantee it’ll trip you up a number of times. It had me laughing and cursing out loud. That happens basically never. Do give it a play through!

Thanks to chaz for finding it. X is shoot, Z is jump, R is retry. If you’re feeling weak, you can check out a youtube video of a pretty well completed quest, but trust me, it’s a lot more fun to discover for yourself. I’ve heard tell that the creator is updating the game continually, so…well…somebody needs to give this person some money.

As a final note, if you start getting obsessive about this (not like me, I hasten to add), check out his test/proving ground page for a bit of an intro to the mechanics.


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