Youtube: DJ Max Portable 2 trailer

| brandon

The DJ Max Portable 2 (korean beatmania clone for PSP, remember?) trailer is available on youtube now, for the interested. Not as boobtacular as the original, more like an intro to the new modes, which include a five button setup, and wifi play. Incidentally, if anyone knows anything about the final song in the original intro, which is in neither in the PSP game nor the OST (roughly at 1:50 in the video), please drop me a line. That song is the reason I got the original…imagine my disappointment!

Update: Thanks to sqfrk (who mentioned the DJ Max P 2 intro in the first place) and adrian, I now know that the final song is ‘Blythe.’ As sqfrk says, it’s “a DJMax Portable exclusive (along
with Hamsin). It’s unlockable in the game with 38000MAX
points (with an average of around 100MAX per song at
a 95%+ score).” Luckily someone sent it to me – I could never achieve that myself.


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