Link: Aleste history

| frank

[ Aleste Thumbnail ]It’s not often that we can learn historical facts from video games. When Sega’s MegaCD was released most developers were coming from computers to Sega’s new console. Many games, and in fact it could be argued too many were simulations and games that would suit the system’s developing audience: hardcore geeks with a taste for the intellectual. Mahjong sims and wargames and hex strategies were very popular, and many managed to educate while entertaining the few sad loners who bought into the platform.

It’s saying something when even the best shooter for the MegaCD had a history lesson to offer. Luckily, for those of us who speak English, Tengen’s otherwise execrable localization of Dennin Aleste (renamed Robo Aleste) kept the history lesson intact. NFGGames has transcribed this history lesson, and it offers a unique insight into a period of Japanese history you probably didn’t know much about.


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