News: Classic Gaming Expo plans…for failure

| brandon

The Classic Gaming Expo is making its triumphant return, after a year hiatus. It’s coming back to vegas as well, where it all began (sort of). That’s good! But the bad news is, it’s right at the end of Comic Con. Amazingly, they actually knew this, and didn’t think it would be a big problem.

Unfortunately, most of us are going to have to choose, and while the choice is difficult, it’s clear what conference is going to win out in my book. Another limiting factor for some is that it’s actually on the strip this time, meaning slightly pricier hotels, and more obnoxious tourists. But I can imagine the strip is a draw for some! The ‘guys who like old stuff’ market has a difficult choice ahead. I love the Classic Gaming Expo, but it looks like once again, I’ll just be hitting California Extreme instead.


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