News: Microsoft hungary Minesweeper competition

| brandon

So, after talking about the hyakumegashock Minesweeper Vista announcements some time ago, as promised, top-10 Minesweeper player damien moore has informed me about the upcoming Microsoft hungary Minesweeper competition announcement.

First of all, Microsoft hungary doing anything is interesting enough for me, but a competition that advises you to bring your mouse, and not to mention the Minesweeper competition when getting a visa to enter hungary – that gets my extra attention. That’s sound advice, too! Right now there are 10 competitors, but the competition was announced quite recently (on valentine’s day). Registration is free, and I do not believe there is any prize other than the knowledge that you’re the world’s best. The competition takes place on april 14, 2007. Here’s a nice excerpt from the site:

This is the first time Microsoft has sponsored a tournament related to one of its integrated games. gergely nagy, organiser of the event, has been working behind the scenes since the last competition to secure the deal. As a result, the session featuring the popular variant Nonosweeper will be moved to the following day. The event is being timed to coincide with the hungarian release of Windows Vista.

Incidentally, Gamesetwatch has a huge post up on minesweeper right now, if you just can’t get enough.


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