News: Wonder Festival 2007 Winter and more AC4 stuff

| ollie

gotcha_wonder_festa_07_1.jpgIt’s that time of the year again and otaku have descended upon Tokyo Big Sight to look at various toys and model kits. Apart from the delectable scratch built fair, there are also several instances of commercial goods getting a preview. Anyway, hit the link to feast your eyes on the miniature army.

AC4 on the PS3 has also received another Regulation file (Ver. 1.30) and its main change is that of aerial boosting; you can stay airborne for a lot longer now. They’ve also balanced various parts.

As of today though, AC4 will make it’s way onto Xbox Live Markletplace as a demo (in Japan admittedly, no word of a Western demo as yet). Finally, we’ll see what the 360 version has in store and whether any kind of graphical change has taken place. In addition, From Software have covered the “original content” for the 360 version on the official AC4 site (it’s down the bottom on the left). It’s nothing particularly earth shattering though; namely pad rumble, Xbox Live voice comms and other online shenanigans.


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