News: Earth Defense Force 2017 out, robot crotch shooting commences

| brandon

Earth Defense Force 2017 is out in the u.s., or is supposed to ship today at least. It hasn’t been getting great reviews, but when you think about it, what does anybody really know about anything? I say, if you’re the kind of person that has $40 to spend on a videogame, and doesn’t mind that the game in question is not incredibly deep and mostly consists of shooting stuff and blowing up buildings so that you might get more weapons to better blow up buildings and shoot stuff…well, you might want to get this.

The secondary point of this post is to highlight a bit of something on the back of the box, which you see below (apologies for the poor shot – don’t buy a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX01, turns out). Upon first look, I burst out laughing, after a few moments of not really realizing what I was seeing. My mind ever juvenile, I noticed that the EDF soldier is shooting that robot right in his robogenitals, and the robot in turn is beginning to double over in pain. It’s a pretty odd thing to have as the giant screenshot on the back of your box, but it’s funny, so hey! There was some internal debate as to whether that was a screenshot or a painting (in which case it would’ve been even more amazing), but D3P PR has confirmed that it is indeed a screenshot. frank can’t be convinced that it’s anything but a painting though, and thinks that they’re wrong about their own box. Anything’s possible! Somewhere across the pond, resident insert credit robophiliac ollie barder is wincing in pain…

edfbox1s.jpg edfbox2s.jpg


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