Breaking News: Videogame collectors polled on menstruation

| brandon

digital Digital Press is a site for vintage game collectors, primarily. Many of the people on these forums would likely attend the Classic Gaming Expo and CAEX over E3, and good on them for doing so. Their forum is a hotbed of retro activity, with prototypes being unearthed, and ancient consoles discussed regularly. This forum also has an invite-only section of their forums ‘for adults,’ and a recent poll gets to the bottom of a very important question, which I know has been on everyone’s mind for some time. I was sent this screencap and information by a generous tipster.

The questions is: Will vintage videogame collectors have sex while their partner (or they themselves, as if girls are real) is having their period? Survey says: 57% will. That’s certainly the plurality! Nearly 33% think it’s gross, and 10% think “lara croft is a whore.” So there you have it, conclusive proof of a particular thing. Any videogame census takers out there who want to pay me lots of money for a more extensive study are free to do so.


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