News: Gurumin, Puzzle Quest out

| brandon

gurumin.jpgTotally passed me by, but Falcom’s Gurumin is out in the u.s. now, and has been rated pretty well for a PSP game. I haven’t actually played it yet, myself, but I trust Falcom, more or less, given that this is the first game they ported to a console themselves since…maybe Ys IV? Ys V doesn’t count as it was a console original. I do know that the music is good, and the voice acting is better than most localized games.

Puzzle Quest is out too, for DS and PSP – the DS version has a few audio pops, but has the advantage of…being on the DS. The PSP one does look much nicer though, and the wide screen makes for a good playing field. And playing with the DS version on the train is hard, since it’s all stylus-based. That said, the game is Bejeweled with quests and special attacks and items. That’s a formula for success, I say. Note: the character here is the one I’m using. It doesn’t actually matter which character you use from a story standpoint, though they have different attributes. I tried to start the quest with several different classes and genders, but the scenario was always the same. “Go see your father Albion” (I think it’s Albion, that’s from memory). Each time, the same father, same name. That guy sure had a lot of kids!


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