News: DS homebrew

| brandon

everlasting.jpgJust a couple of games I want to mention here – I know there’s a lot more out there. The first is a lovely game called Everlasting Love. The monochrome palate, the music/rhythm-based gameplay, it’s all quite a nice package. The aim is to finish the level using as few jumps as possible. According to my “sources,” or more accurately some guys I know, the monkey is from Yoshi’s Island, and the rest is from Super Mario Land 2. The song is Everlasting Love from We ♥ Katamari. Action is across both screens of course, but I’ve just included one for the sake of visual clarity.

touchdown.jpgThe other game is called Touchdown: The Alien Attack, by sweater fish deluxe. Here’s a direct link to the zip, and in case his geocities site goes down, a mirror. But click the first link instead, and give him the satisfaction of having his site go down! It’s quite a simple game, where the aim is to tap the UFOs and destroy them before they abduct the people. It was done for the neoflash spring 07 coding competition originally. The Home versus Visitors score counter is a nice touch, I think.


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