News: PC Engine Modem Unveiled

| frank

[ PCE Tsuushin Booster ]The PC Engine Modem, or Tsuushin Booster, is a rare beast. According to at least one Japanese source 20-30 found their way into the hands of PCE fans for official testing. They were allowed to keep them. A further hundred, the story goes, were produced right before the peripheral was due to be released. Before the assembly line kicked into gear, the modem was canceled and the last hundred ordered destroyed. Some weren’t, and occasionally pop up on Yahoo auctions. The PCE Modem is, you might agree, one of the rarest production accessories.

Chris Covell has purchased a Tsuushin Booster, for an undisclosed but no doubt ungodly sum, and put the entire thing online for our enjoyment.

While you’re on his site, you might check out some of the other neat stuff he’s got: Sega Master System hacks, a stack of prototypes and unreleased software from vintage game mags, the very rare Devil’s Crush soundtrack CD, or perhaps his RGB page, or even his picross-for-PCEngine game, Tongueman’s Logic.


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