News: Arcade locator, blog

| brandon

Here are a couple of nice links I found when doing some research earlier in the week. First, there’s Barcade – it’s generally an arcade locator. That page also has news about arcades (the locations themselves), which is kind of interesting to see. Unfortunately, while you can search for games, it only returns results showing the versions of that game in the database – not where they’re located. If you just search for a location and a genre, such as los angeles and fighters, it returns results of (properly released) fighting games in the area, and then a list of locations. Unfortunately the two results aren’t tied! So while it’s awesome to learn that there’s a bar called Outrigger, this site (though interesting for peripheral reasons) really falls short of its potential.

The next link I found was Arcade Heaven, an arcade-themed blog, though lately it’s been getting a bit looser, with virtual console and console releases of arcade games in the mix. But they’ve got some really nice bits like release news and impressions of Ghost Squad Evolution, or a query about the potential sale of the location of the ATEI and ICE shows in the U.K. It’s nice to see somebody covering this beat well, even if it’s a bit UK-centric. Probably worth a bookmark. Personally I vastly prefer their proper arcade coverage to their consumer entries, but that’s how I feel about everything, so there you go.


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