News: Ontama, Noise Factory

| brandon

ontama.jpgThis is pretty odd – Ontama, a game for the DS, coming out on june 7 for 5040 yen, tax included. It’s a rhythm action game from Noise Factory, a onetime SNK internal studio, which now appears to be its own entity. New Power Instinct: Matrimelee (aka Gouketsuji Ichizoku Toukou Matrimelee) was released by Excite in japan after all. Noise is releasing this one on their own through Sega Direct, it appears. You can get it through play asia of course.

The game itself is…maybe not that exciting? It’s really hard to tell, though they have a movie of the game on the main page. It seems like you press the d-pad in time with the music, while circling little ‘ontama’ on the screen. They will apparently have some music from 80 Pan, a band composed of mildly mentally retarded girls.

Noise really does seem to be pursuing the ‘cute’ these days, and now offers a “Desktop Mascot” digital action figures. Basically digital anime girls for your desktop, which work with Windows 2000 and XP. Very odd stuff all around, from a company that has a legacy of doing some quite nice fighting games.


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