News: GP Kids was almost complete

| brandon

gpkids.jpgAs we know, Gamepark has gone bankrupt, and the GP32 is now without a parent. The company had plans to release a system called the XGP as a PSP competitor, and also the GP Kids, which was basically the smaller, friendlier successor to the GP32. An old Aving report I found while browsing around shows what appears to be a playable unit. The report was from november 2006, and the system was scheduled to ship in mid-2007, so it must’ve been quite far along. Granted, one photo shows the thing playing a game with an SD card still sticking out, but maybe it had some internal memory? Not sure. Anyway, here’s an interesting line: “The company is under discussion with a US-based education content company to supply the product.” I wonder how far along that deal was, and if that company invested any money – if so, they may be able to gain ownership of the thing and release it in some form. Just speculation, but it’s interesting to see the progress they made.


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