Report: 2D roundup – Odin Sphere aftermath

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artonelico2.pngSo Odin Sphere has succeeded, Shining Wind did even better and the only question now is what’s next for us sprite lovers who understand that handhelds aren’t a proper way of gaming. (Brandon’s note: meanwhile all I play is my DS) While we’re waiting for Starfish to reveal its actual plans for Kiki Kaikai 2, some other nice-looking projects for the PS2 have been announced in the past weeks.

Ar Tonelico II (pictured above) will be the second Gust-cross-Banpresto production, with a similar setting to its predecessor and a slightly modified combat system. It looks much more promising than Gust’s other project currently in development, by the way, namely Mana-Khemia, which continues the popular Atelier series. It’s interesting seeing this doujin-origin company producing three games per year which even get versions for Western markets, isn’t it?

Much like Mana-Khemia, Super Robot Taisen OG has a close release date, and this time it seems to be for real. From the videos Banpresto has shown, the animation and sprite work will be only comparable to those of Odin Sphere.

We gotta love Banpresto, indeed. It announced the past week via Shounen Jump a brand-new Flight Plan-developed Summon Night for the PS2, no less. With luck, it’s another action-oriented spin-off in the vein of Extacy, given that the fourth episode in the main series is far too recent.

We’re a bit oversaturated of Tactics Ogre-inspired S-RPGs, to be honest. As if we didn’t get enough in the recent months, Enterbrain (formerly “Ascii”), will be publishing Magician’s Academy next month, based on a comic and with the help from the original author for the character design.

Less interestingly, we believe, Giga’s Baldr Bullet Revellion (Baldr Force’s sequel) is being ported from the PC to the PS2, with no explicit sex, but new content and a new name. The same can be said about Izumo Zero, Castle Fantasia: Arihato Senki and Majokko A-La-Mode II, this one already mentioned on IC. And to finish with this group of “adventure-with-some-kind-of-combat games” (though not ported from the PC, this time), take a look at Simoun, Marvelous’ Sakura Taisen wannabe based on a TV series.

Let’s not forget that Guilty Gear XX Accent Core launches on the PS2 next week, too. Final game in the GGX series? Some say so.


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