News: Lemmings DS

Mathew Carr, the guy who released Blast Arena Advance (as we mentioned yesterday) also has a nice free DS project for download – Lemmings. I think it’s basically in its final state now, with saving, the original level editor, stylus support, and lots of nifty stuff. Check it out if you’re a fan of the original!

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News: Unreleased GBC RPG Infinity

infinity.gifInfinity was an RPG for the Game Boy Color planned by Affinix Software. They were never able to find a publisher, as the game was only ready to be shown in 2001, and the GBA was already out. You can see the little info that exists about the game here. The company has disbanded, and they’ve considered releasing the ROM, but there’s no news about that at present. Interestingly, if you check the staff page, you’ll see Matthew Valente at the bottom. I thought I recognized that name, and a quick scan of my memory proved me right – he did sound not only on Infinity, but also for the cancelled Chrono Resurrection. He’s got some bad luck! You can find a youtube video of the game here, with original music by Eric Hachem, who has put the whole soundtrack online here. Found via the Lost Levels forums.

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News: Win Big Buck Hunter Pro

Nothing says ‘hay guys, our industry is still alive for serious!’ like Big Buck Hunter Pro (it’s an arcade game, see). Betson has teamed up with smarmy mens magazine FHM on a competition – simply seek out Big Buck Buck Hunter Pro arcade cabs, take a picture with them, and submit them here (there’s a little graphic that says ‘add new location’ – took me a while to find it). If you click on any of the icons currently on the map, all of which are in New York at the moment, you’ll find a picture of a man standing by it. If you get the most of these, you win a cabinet! Do you have a red enough neck to save the arcade industry? Only time will tell!

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News: Duel Pod

duelpod.jpgFrancesco at Gamers has a report about the Duel Pod, a new ‘handheld’ game-like thing from Bandai. Seems to be similar to Barcode Battlers, but you use colors instead. You can battle online using the USB connectior, or in person…seems to have a screen, too. And of course, they’ll be releasing packs of colored cards to summon new monsters with. It’s early days now, but it seems like one of those things they’ll try to push for some extra cash, presumably along with an anime. Most curious!

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News: Blast Arena Advance available once more

blastarena.jpgRemember Blast Arena Advance? It’s a fan-made GBA title, with music and bulletless shooter gameplay mixed together in a lovely way. Check out this site for some behind the scenes stuff, and check here for purchasing and whatnot. It’s only 7 pounds shipped worldwide, and only 5.50 pounds in the UK. I certainly recommend a purchase!

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News: River King: Wonderland commercial

riverking.jpgGametrailers has the Japanese commercial for River King: Wonderland for DS, a game I’m personally rather interested in. Hopefully it’s more true to its potential as a fishing RPG than some of its previous iterations. There’s also a trailer up…no word if it’s coming to the U.S. yet, but I’m sure Natsume is at least considering it. The official site is here, and you can find some 4koma here, if you’re interested.

Update: Jarrod mails me to say that this is actually on Natsume’s release list – so look forward to a US release I guess!

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News: Oldergames, Icebreaker 2

Oldergames is still going, commercially releasing unreleased games for ancient consoles. Good stuff! Here, you can check out their upcoming lineup, which includes three games for the 3DO, one for the C64, and ‘Saturn Lost & Found 2’, which has some unreleased Saturn stuff on it, and a prototype of Three Dirty Dwarves. Limited to 50 copies for preorder though, and those are sold out already – you can get one of the remaining 25 at the Classic Gaming Expo!

Pay specific attention to one of the 3DO titles – Icebreaker 2. Icebreaker originally came out on the 3DO, but Icebreaker 2 was unreleased. The pyramid-obsessed creator Andrew Looney has a rather amusing video of himself playing through it, demonstrating the gameplay and new aspects. Definitely worth watching I love the fact that guys like this still exist. Unabashed coder nerds, not afraid to be who they are. Good for him. Seriously. I actually really want to play it – shame my cat ate through my 3DO’s power chord.

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News: pcenginefx update

uoooo.jpgAaron Nanto has been busy at pcenginefx again, with a couple of interesting things. One is an archive of unused images found in PC Engine CD roms – data that was on the discs but not used in game. Some odd stuff in there…especially a graphic drawn by somebody on the team (left) saying ‘woahhhh, up til here it’s 32 cells.’ No idea what that means. There’s stuff in here from Dracula X, Exile 1 and 2, the Gate of Thunder kiosk disc, and lots of others.

van.jpgThe next thing is this video called Love & Lost. It is one of the schmaltziest game-related video tributes I’ve ever seen (sorry Aaron!), and is a bit tough to sit through, but features scenes from Cosmic Fantasy II, Valis III, and Ys Books I & II. Sadly, I knew all that before the credits rolled (which are a minute long by the way!). Get your emotions ready!

Update: he’s also put more content on Turbo Memoirs, including some turbo-related desktop images, and original artwork from some of the manuals. Busy man.

Update 2: The intro to that terrible song is stuck in my head! Damn you Nanto.

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