News: Oldergames, Icebreaker 2

| brandon

Oldergames is still going, commercially releasing unreleased games for ancient consoles. Good stuff! Here, you can check out their upcoming lineup, which includes three games for the 3DO, one for the C64, and ‘Saturn Lost & Found 2’, which has some unreleased Saturn stuff on it, and a prototype of Three Dirty Dwarves. Limited to 50 copies for preorder though, and those are sold out already – you can get one of the remaining 25 at the Classic Gaming Expo!

Pay specific attention to one of the 3DO titles – Icebreaker 2. Icebreaker originally came out on the 3DO, but Icebreaker 2 was unreleased. The pyramid-obsessed creator Andrew Looney has a rather amusing video of himself playing through it, demonstrating the gameplay and new aspects. Definitely worth watching I love the fact that guys like this still exist. Unabashed coder nerds, not afraid to be who they are. Good for him. Seriously. I actually really want to play it – shame my cat ate through my 3DO’s power chord.


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