News: pcenginefx update

| brandon

uoooo.jpgAaron Nanto has been busy at pcenginefx again, with a couple of interesting things. One is an archive of unused images found in PC Engine CD roms – data that was on the discs but not used in game. Some odd stuff in there…especially a graphic drawn by somebody on the team (left) saying ‘woahhhh, up til here it’s 32 cells.’ No idea what that means. There’s stuff in here from Dracula X, Exile 1 and 2, the Gate of Thunder kiosk disc, and lots of others.

van.jpgThe next thing is this video called Love & Lost. It is one of the schmaltziest game-related video tributes I’ve ever seen (sorry Aaron!), and is a bit tough to sit through, but features scenes from Cosmic Fantasy II, Valis III, and Ys Books I & II. Sadly, I knew all that before the credits rolled (which are a minute long by the way!). Get your emotions ready!

Update: he’s also put more content on Turbo Memoirs, including some turbo-related desktop images, and original artwork from some of the manuals. Busy man.

Update 2: The intro to that terrible song is stuck in my head! Damn you Nanto.


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