News: Unreleased GBC RPG Infinity

| brandon

infinity.gifInfinity was an RPG for the Game Boy Color planned by Affinix Software. They were never able to find a publisher, as the game was only ready to be shown in 2001, and the GBA was already out. You can see the little info that exists about the game here. The company has disbanded, and they’ve considered releasing the ROM, but there’s no news about that at present. Interestingly, if you check the staff page, you’ll see Matthew Valente at the bottom. I thought I recognized that name, and a quick scan of my memory proved me right – he did sound not only on Infinity, but also for the cancelled Chrono Resurrection. He’s got some bad luck! You can find a youtube video of the game here, with original music by Eric Hachem, who has put the whole soundtrack online here. Found via the Lost Levels forums.


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