Random: Asuka 120% Combo Video

ask1t.jpgNot too much Asuka 120% love out there, but someone decided to change all that with an upload to the tube of you. From tobemorecrazy via The Spatula comes word of a nearly 6 minute long combo video featuring Asuka 120% from PC-Engine to Playstation, with a surprising segment on Limit Over (the doujin patch to Saturn’s Asuka 120% Limited) sandwiched in there. Too bad about the decidedly not Asuka 120% background music, though…

Edit: youtube link changed

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Off-topic: Xiu Xiu Boy Soprano commentary

Xiu Xiu’s Boy Soprano video is most excellent, featuring an 8-bit style (sort of) videogame-like setting. Ryan Stevens pointed out a nice artist commentary with Jaimie from Xiu Xiu. Apparently it was directed by a game designer named Jose Perez III. So…maybe one of these guys. Either way, nice if you like the band and/or video!

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News: Rising Star – Marvelous’ UK office

This was known for a while, but I’m not sure that everyone outside of the UK was aware. Rising Star Games, which we’ve covered before, is actually the UK branch of Marvelous Interactive, known for its Harvest Moon series, and a lot of smaller licensed games. Mainly Rising Star has been releasing Marvelous-developed versions of older Taito games. This all came to my attention when I learned that Hudson was using them to publish their games in the UK (thanks gamasutra). Anyway, this is one of the few situations I can think of in which a Japanese publisher chose to open a European branch rather than a U.S. one. Perhaps they will some day?

And speaking of Marvelous, the official No More Heroes site is up.

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News: Beggar Prince sold out

bprinceb.gifI randomly surfed to the Beggar Prince website, and found that it just sold out a few days back. Beggar Prince, as you may recall, is a recent English localization of a Taiwanese RPG for the Genesis, and was released in a proper cart, with box and all. Took several months to fully sell out all 900 copies, but there it is. The “last” Genesis game is available no longer.

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News: Capcom to start teaching in schools

capcom.jpgCapcom has announced that in association with the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Japan Securities Dealers Association, they will be starting a long-term educational support program where they send employees to schools to teach classes as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR).

In this educational support program, the students will first pick the company that they wish to support, and in response they will send pamphlets to the students from the company that they are interested in, and at the same time also send a request for the company to send somebody down to the school to teach them more about the company.

As the first part of their program, Capcom will be sending an employee to middle schools in the Saitama prefecture and use games which the students are familiar with to teach subjects such as the ups and downs of being a game creator or the ratings system for video games.

The objective is to teach the students more about the corporate world and also to cultivate students to independently learn more about subjects that they are interested in.

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News: Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai IV

suchi_iv_01.pngSuchie-Pai’s comeback takes a step further! We learn from Famitsu Dot Com that the fourth episode in Jaleco’s mah-jong series is currently under development for the PS2. For the first time, it’s being released directly on a home system instead coming to arcades first, as it usually does. This may serve to confirm that the good old company has no intention to go back to that market, quite sadly. Kenichi Sonoda is of course the character designer once again and much like the previous iteration (which runs on the NAOMI platform, though kind of got a DC port), the game will benefit from fully 2D, high resolution graphics. Check it out.

Update: Preliminary site right here.

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segarocks.jpgYou may have heard of SEGAROCKS – it’s a band composed of 30-something year old hair metal aficionados and overweight otaku ladies, who sing songs from the Saturn era in a rock and roll style. Now, someone has put up three of their songs performed live. Check out the SEGAGAGA March, Go! Go! Sega Rally, and the eternal classic Sega Saturn Shiro. Gooood stuff.

IkariDC adds some insight: “Those 3 videos are the ones that come in a DVD with the SEGAROCKS Live in Japan CD. They also cover games from systems before the Saturn, just take a look to the tracklist on their studio albums here and here.”

News: Cobra Command=Stiffen Wolf

stiffenwolf.gifSomeone on the Lost Levels forums found that Cobra Command for NES, made by Data East, contains another title in the ROM. That’s Stiffen Wolf. The subsequent poster was nice enough to put the pic online so we normal folk can see it. Was it an alternate title, -an ending screen, or merely one Data East man’s furry dream? We may never know. Still neat to find stuff like this so far after the fact.

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News: FOE!

I’m a little behind the curve on the Japanese exciting thing of the moment, but Persona just alerted me to this. A band sort of thing has done a song called FOE, based on difficult to fight monsters that you encounter frequently in Etrian Odyssey, which Atlus recently released in the States. Anyway, there’s a little flash video at the bottom of the page (the band is Iosys, by the way), which is pretty funny, contains lots of fun memes and references, and promises to keep you entertained for at least…the duration of the video.

Update: That’s not working for some people now – so here’s a youtube version.

Note: There’s actually an English subbed version. Yowza!

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News: Sonic XG

sonicxg.gifSonic Extended Genesis – or Sonic XG – is a fan-made Sonic game with some brilliant looking graphics. Check screens and info here on the Sonic 2 Beta forums. As the author says: “Sonic XG is gonna be a fangame that directly continues the story from the end of S3K, in pure retro style. It will feature 10 zones, 8 with 2 acts, 2 with 1 act.” So there you go.

Check out a video of the old beta here, which is somewhat buggy. There’s a new trailer right here. Beware of absolutely terrible music! This music is theoretically going to be the boss track…but because of a massive outcry against having terrible, horrible music in the game, they’re considering an option where you can toggle it to something more retro. I’m hopeful label the options ‘good’ and ‘terrible.’ So, while they may not have great taste in music, they seem to be quite good at graphics. Explosions look nice, pacing looks great, design looks solid from the videos…I for one am very much looking forward to the release. More info as it comes, if I remember. Thanks for the link, Frank!

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