Video: The Greatest Inventor

| brandon

I was meant to link this a very long time ago, but I’m doing it now! The Greatest Inventor is a video tribute to Gunpei Yokoi, creator of the Game & Watch, the D-pad, the Game Boy, the WonderSwan, etc etc etc. It’s probably the best, most informational video I’ve ever seen on any game site, and is really a good viewing experience, with a Game & Watch style throughout. This video, done by Robotbling, is ‘part one’, but I don’t know if part two is ever coming, since this was done several months back. Well worth the eleven and a half minutes it takes to watch this. I have to say though, during the street scene I was just waiting for the Game & Watch-ized Yokoi to get hit by a Taxi – that’s how he died, after all. The man is legend. LEGEND.


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