News: Barnyard Blast: Swine of the Night

| brandon

Remember Barnyard Blast? We introduced the game to the public back in March, when the developer, Sanuk Software, was at GDC. If you don’t recall, it’s a bit like a 2D Castlevania with guns, whips, and a porky protagonist, and it played very nicely for the early stage it was in. Well, Yan from Sanuk just mailed me to say that due to our post, and the fact that it was picked up by a few other sites from there, Sanuk was able to show that people were interested in the game, and it now has publishers in the EU and US, and will actually be coming to market.

They’ve launched their official website/blog, and also announced that they took on DS Fanboy’s mock subtitle from when they posted about it – Swine of the Night. There are three screenshots from the first three stages up now, and Sanuk promises more screens and interviews forthcoming. We can keep 2D alive! Believe in the power of the press!


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