News: TZD redesign

Turbo Zone Direct, the only place still selling new Turbo Grafx stuff, has gotten a redesign. Check it out here, if you’re curious. It’s pretty amazing to see this stuff being sold, even if there isn’t much left. They also carry the two newer homebrew Turbo releases, Meteor Blaster DX and Implode. The redesign is nice – but some sections, like the FAQ are still using the old template. Better than nothing!

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News: Trouble Witches

The ever-excellent (and not yet disbanded!) Studio SiestA (Airraid, Pocket Kanon, Soldier Force, etc) doujin group has released info and screens for its upcoming horizontal shooter Trouble Witches, via the official website. The game gets its official release on August 16th, but you can grab the trial here. We mentioned the game back in March, but the demo wasn’t yet available. And you can actually find more screens, small though they may be, on Studio SiestA’s front page right now. And for the extra-curious, check out some of the BGM for download in the special subsection of the site. Nothing astounding, but nice nonetheless. No word yet on their subsequent project Valstray.

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News: The Soukou Kihei Gunground official site

gunground.JPGThe official site for Gunground is up, the DS simple series 4-player robot action game we may have mentioned before – if not, my apologies! It’s coming out on the 26th for 2800 yen, and in fact you can preorder it here should you so choose. Looks quite nice, with some customization, single player missions, and four-player brawls. The in-game art is a bit crappy, but I suppose you get what you pay for. If it’s any good, let’s hope they bring it stateside…

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News: Tori no Hoshi: Aerial Planet

Tori no Hoshi: Aerial Planet (Bird Star: Aerial Planet) is an upcoming game for PS2 from Nippon Ichi and NK-System, starring a protagonist by the name of Hugo, who navigates a system of islands by using his glider. Seems very suited for the Wii, but it’s planned for the PS2, with a release date of Autumn 2007. Looks pretty unique, and hopefully this won’t be a throwaway project toward the end of the PS2’s lifecycle…looks like with some real attention it could be an interesting game. Check out a preview on dengeki, and the opening movie here. Looks quite charming, but I reserve judgment til later. It’s never good to get ones hopes up! Thanks to Jiji for the original link.

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News: Sengoku Basara official site

Just in case you haven’t been paying attention to every minute detail on the internet at any given moment, you may like to know that Sengoku Basara Cross has an official website now. It’s got some character descriptions now, and people have been talking about the ‘assist’ system I mentioned earlier. Apparently the assist comes from a secondary (engun) character which is unique to each main character. Don’t quote me on it, that’s just what I’ve heard so far. Check out some actual images of the game at Gpara – these seem to be web versions of the Famitsu pics.

Other information includes the location test, which Capcom is referring to as an ‘exhibition’ for whatever pompous reason. It’s taking place on the 25th and 26th, at the Plaza Capcom, so if you’re around, go give a look-see. They also revealed that the themesong will be ‘Crosswinds’ from T.M. Revolution, which was also the themesong for Sengoku Basara 2 back in 2005. Why they’re bringing it back for a second tour, I’ve no idea, but you can hear (most of) it with Sengoku Basara visuals right here. It’s admittedly a fine song, but mostly if you like Kinya Kotani-esque pop (think Gravitation anime).

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News: Death Lolita

Cave’s newest upcoming title, previously thought to be called Tenshi no Juusha, seems now to be called Death Lolita. Jiji points out in an mmc bbs post that Arika’s boss Mihara says that Cave is asking for cosplayers to promote the game, and that’s where the new name info comes from. It seems Cave is going the way of Touhou shooters with the otaku leanings. The game, says Jiji, is supposedly horizontal, in the style of Guwange, with options that fight alongside you.

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News: S4 – Pentavision 3rd person shooter

s4.JPGS4 is an upcoming game by Pentavision, of DJ Max fame, which is coming to PSP in 2008. Ruliweb has information up here. S4 stands for Stylish eSper Shooting Sports, and stars a girl who looks very similar to the “protagonist” (covergirl, perhaps) of DJ Max. There’s a video on Ruliweb’s site as well (just search for wmv9). The video is very stylish, but doesn’t look in-game at all, until the end. I’m not sure if this is a PC->PSP port like DJ Max, but I wouldn’t be surprised – anyone with more info, please drop a line! Thanks to Kotaku for the link.

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News: Playing to Win now free

Playing to Win is a book by competitive fighting game player (and game designer at Backbone) David Sirlin. It’s certainly about professional/competitive gaming and the like, but also using that as a template for self-discipline in life, which is rather interesting. The book is now free to read online (with ads and such), so give it a look if that’s up your alley.

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Update: GG was meant to be 3D

gg3dcg.jpgRugal from the MMC BBS reminds us that Guilty Gear was originally meant to be rendered 3D CG on a 2D plane, as the screen to the left shows. Apparently director Daisuke Ishiwatari had always wanted to bring the game into 3D as per past comments, thus the advent of Guilty Gear 2 Overture. Further speculation has brought rise to the opinion that GG2 Overture is a prequel to Guilty Gear 2, in terms of storyline…if anyone pays attention to those. I personally don’t see Guilty Gear becoming a hack and slash as any worse than Soul Calibur becoming a hack and slash for Wii. I care equally little about both.

My biggest problem with Guilty Gear is that most people aren’t aware of all the metal references. Does nobody else realize that Ky Kiske is an amalgam of Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske from the legendary Keeper of the Seven Keys lineup of Helloween? That Millia Rage is simply one vowel or two way from Meliah Rage? Chipp Zanuff is clearly Chip Z’nuff, the bassist from Enuff Z’nuff. There’s more, as well – Testament and Venom are obvious ones. People need to study their metal history, for real. Is this something people would be interested in me documenting?
Update: Looks like it’s been documented in the individual character pages on wikipedia. No worries then!

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News: Future Pinball

futurebubble.jpgFrank pointed out this site, Future Pinball, which is basically pinball machine game making software. It allows you to design your own pinball machines at a rather high level (and thus has a bit of a learning curve). It’s freeware, but donations are appreciated, naturally. There’s also a 12 page tutorial from PC World, which you can download a PDF of here. Some of the user-created tables are pretty neat. The showcased one right now is Dead Hunters, but naturally I’m drawn to this Bubble Bobble one. Looks like a very cool piece of software. Shame I’ve got no time to make an insert credit table…

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