News: Maximum Pool for DC finally offline, but also online!

maximumpool.jpgAs of the 16th of August, the Maximum Pool Dreamcast server is dead. I guess this was the last Dreamcast game that was still online? Rather shocking to be saying that in late 2007. Good for Sierra! Anyway, online consoles reports that while the official server is down, a mirrored server is already up, and Sierra has released the original room server application to the public for hosting. Pretty nice of them as well, frankly. Check the online consoles link for more, because they’ve also got servers up for other games, PSO most importantly. As a little tidbit, here’s what they say you have to do to keep this game running:
If you will recall a few summers ago, Maximum Pool’s network functions were fixed, via a simple Hex edit to the game save. The game uses the save to store IP addresses for Rooms or Master Lists. If you want to play Maximum Pool online on the Dreamcast again, all you have to do is host the room server on your PC, have the necessary ports open on your router, and use a HEX editor application on your PC to add your IP address to the game save. It is as simple as that.

Not necessarily the most exciting game in the universe, but still pretty neat to see. Thanks to SignofZeta for the link.

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News: Yuke’s interview

Here‘s a short interview with Yuke’s (not by me! It’s by Christian Nutt, who we just hired at gamasutra), which talks about their move to the states. Probably the most interesting stuff is where they talk about looking into localizing Berzerk and Votoms and games like that. That’s pretty much all I want them to do. Just localize those two games. They seem to want to! Shame they’re for PS2 now, and everyone thinks PS2 is dead, in spite of still being way more popular than PS3.

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News: KOF 98 UM release date

KOF 98 UM, the PS2 remake of KOF 98, has a release date of November 29 now, according to Iggy. There was a rumor that the game would feature a Capcom character, and this has since been proved correct, though nobody is saying who it is yet. Iggy speculated that it’d be Guile, who made an appearance as a statue in KOF 94, alongside some others, but who also had some beef with Rugal in SvC 2.

Update! The new Famitsu is out, and there’s no mention of a Capcom character in KOF 98 UM. Looks like the rumor wasn’t true after all…

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Play-Asia: Nodame Cantabile, Soldner-X

Few things of interest. First, if you hate yourself, you can buy this Classic Game Room DVD, which is a compilation of episodes of the internet retro game show by the same name – which is also one of the worst things I’ve ever seen.

If you click that link you’ll also see a promotion for an idol DVD of a friend of a friend (Amano Ai), which may be of more interest, depending. She’s giving out signed photos…her slightly not safe for work blog is here.

Last, but not least, the weekly special over there is Nodame Cantabile, the classical music rhythm game. It’s going for $15, and you’ll probably never see it this cheap again, so I’d grab it basically now.

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News: Nuts & Scrap

nuts.jpgRight from Spain comes DevilishGames to deliver this action-adventure game featuring nice rendered graphics and simple (and sometimes frustrating) trial-and-error gameplay that retro gamers may enjoy. You control a couple of robots in a side view, one screen at a time, while avoiding obstacles and damaging your robot enemies with your humorously placed water gun.

You can watch the official trailer or download the game demo (Available for Windows and Linux). This game was released about a year ago, but didn’t get much notice back then…

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News: Rose Camellia DS

rcdss.jpgYou’ve all heard of Rose Camellia by Nigoro no doubt, the Japan-originating flash game in which haughty girls slap each other in specific ways so as to be maximally rude. It was so ubiquitous at the time that I didn’t bother to mention it here. You’ve also probably heard lots of people say it should be ported to DS – well, that’s happening right now! A French homebrewer called Mia (of Everlasting Love fame) has made a small proof of concept for it, which is by no means complete. Unfortunately, Mia doesn’t have time to finish the game, so he’s asking serious/brave DS homebrew developers to contact him via his site to talk about finishing it up. And so I’m making this post. Somebody help the man!

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News: Shooter roundup

Lots of shooter news I’ve been missing. Cave’s newest game is called Deathsmiles after all, as Rid points out. They changed the name, but they didn’t change the gothic lolitas. Good for them, sticking to their guns and committing to doing what absolutely everybody else in Japan is doing. Junya Inoue, aka “Joker Jun” is doing the illustrations, and Manabu Namiki is doing sound. Main characters are named Windia and Casper.

Next, Iggy points out that Trigger Heart Exelica is coming to Xbox Live Arcade, in Japan at least. Generally these games aren’t just released in one region, so we’ll probably see it stateside eventually. Unless I read wrong, it’s got a tate mode. I expect to see this at TGS.

Next bit, Souta House reports that Shikigami no Shiro III is coming out for Wii and 360, though I’ve been told it wasn’t as good as II (I only got to play III for a short while, myself). Alfa System seems to be caught up making Tales games these days, so I wonder when we’ll see another shooter from them…

Lastly, G.rev’s new game, which we mentioned a bit ago, has been announced as Mamorukun wa Norowarete Shimatta! – aka Mamorukun has Been Cursed. The game is being done with a new company called Garuchi (or maybe Gulch). It’s vertically scrolling, and much more ‘cute’ than previous games, but still illustrated by Mizuki Takayama, of Senko no Ronde fame (thanks for that link, Rid). Scans for all these are available at various places! The AOU show is coming up, so expect to see more of all this soonish…

alex’s note: Turns out the co-developer of G.rev’s new game is called Gulti, and the game’s official site is now live.

alex’s 2nd note: Gaijin Punch has done a translation of Arcadia’s Junya Inoue interview, who it turns out not only did the art for Deathsmiles, but is apparently also directing it! Must-read stuff.

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News: Megazone 23

Compile Heart’s Megazone 23 is based on the classic 80s anime, and is for PS3…though really looks more like an original Xbox game. It’s a ‘command battle adventure’ that’s out on September 13, which is pretty soon. It will sell 500 copies to people that remember the anime, and be forgotten. Sad. Check some screens, such as they are, here. Thanks to Rid for the news.

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News: Yume Nikki

yume.jpgYume Nikki is a freeware game by Kikiyama where the main purpose in the game is to… walk through different dreams. You can find creatures in each dream and learn some new effects from them like getting a new hairstyle or riding a bicycle and stuff. The game doesn’t really have a purpose, but it’s great! Probably more interesting to normal people than the one below.

The game can be downloaded here. You also need to get the RPGmaker 2003 RTP to run it, but it’s free, so not a huge problem.

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