News: Shooter roundup

| brandon

Lots of shooter news I’ve been missing. Cave’s newest game is called Deathsmiles after all, as Rid points out. They changed the name, but they didn’t change the gothic lolitas. Good for them, sticking to their guns and committing to doing what absolutely everybody else in Japan is doing. Junya Inoue, aka “Joker Jun” is doing the illustrations, and Manabu Namiki is doing sound. Main characters are named Windia and Casper.

Next, Iggy points out that Trigger Heart Exelica is coming to Xbox Live Arcade, in Japan at least. Generally these games aren’t just released in one region, so we’ll probably see it stateside eventually. Unless I read wrong, it’s got a tate mode. I expect to see this at TGS.

Next bit, Souta House reports that Shikigami no Shiro III is coming out for Wii and 360, though I’ve been told it wasn’t as good as II (I only got to play III for a short while, myself). Alfa System seems to be caught up making Tales games these days, so I wonder when we’ll see another shooter from them…

Lastly, G.rev’s new game, which we mentioned a bit ago, has been announced as Mamorukun wa Norowarete Shimatta! – aka Mamorukun has Been Cursed. The game is being done with a new company called Garuchi (or maybe Gulch). It’s vertically scrolling, and much more ‘cute’ than previous games, but still illustrated by Mizuki Takayama, of Senko no Ronde fame (thanks for that link, Rid). Scans for all these are available at various places! The AOU show is coming up, so expect to see more of all this soonish…

alex’s note: Turns out the co-developer of G.rev’s new game is called Gulti, and the game’s official site is now live.

alex’s 2nd note: Gaijin Punch has done a translation of Arcadia’s Junya Inoue interview, who it turns out not only did the art for Deathsmiles, but is apparently also directing it! Must-read stuff.


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