News: Maximum Pool for DC finally offline, but also online!

| brandon

maximumpool.jpgAs of the 16th of August, the Maximum Pool Dreamcast server is dead. I guess this was the last Dreamcast game that was still online? Rather shocking to be saying that in late 2007. Good for Sierra! Anyway, online consoles reports that while the official server is down, a mirrored server is already up, and Sierra has released the original room server application to the public for hosting. Pretty nice of them as well, frankly. Check the online consoles link for more, because they’ve also got servers up for other games, PSO most importantly. As a little tidbit, here’s what they say you have to do to keep this game running:
If you will recall a few summers ago, Maximum Pool’s network functions were fixed, via a simple Hex edit to the game save. The game uses the save to store IP addresses for Rooms or Master Lists. If you want to play Maximum Pool online on the Dreamcast again, all you have to do is host the room server on your PC, have the necessary ports open on your router, and use a HEX editor application on your PC to add your IP address to the game save. It is as simple as that.

Not necessarily the most exciting game in the universe, but still pretty neat to see. Thanks to SignofZeta for the link.


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