News: Succubus Quest eroge

sq.jpgSuccubus Quest (not work safe) is a pretty good RPG for the PC where you have sex battles in order to defeat monsters. They’ve recently released a new version of the game at Comic Market 72 and have now actually released it free for download from their website. The game serves as a short story that is related to the main plot, but it’s pretty much a complete game. It’s surprisingly well made too, I lost my weekend to this game.

You’ll need the RPGmakerXP RTP files to run the game. There’s an update to v0.05 on the download page too, it fixes quite a bit of bugs so it’s best to get it.

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News: Room escape games

strawberrytomato.pngFrank pointed out Enter the Appartment (sic) to me, which is awesome primarily for its name…we may have mentioned it here before, but it’s basically a game in which through a series of adventure game-style pixel hunting actions, you enter an apartment. What I didn’t realize is that this is an entire genre of games. Gamershood has a whole slew of free to play room escape games, of varying quality, but if you like this sort of thing, looks like there’s no end to it for you.

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News: GP2X F-200

gp2xf-200.jpgGamepark is releasing a new version of the GP2X in October, according to this preorder page on Play Asia. Seems the new version will be white, have a new D-pad, comes with built-in games (like Cave Story!), and most interestingly comes with a touch screen. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a low-level DS or Palm OS emulator here.

The documentation also hints at the release of Byulbram’s fighting game Bloody Cross, which has been in the works since at least 2002…I must admit to my embarrassment that I have no idea if it was released in full previously. I’m not sure I like the split out d-pad instead of the clicky stick, but I guess we’ll see how it plays when it’s released… Thanks to Neogutsman for finding this.

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News: Dating Day DS

datingday.jpgHere’s an odd one from Daedalic Entertainment in Germany, called Dating Day (rather limp-wrist title, if you ask me) which is essentially a dating sim for girls, revolving around that crucial ‘first date.’ Dating sims for men have worked their way casually into the U.S. market, but this would be the first for women that I’m aware of (though there are plenty in Japan, Angelique being the matron saint of girl-oriented dating games). It’s got a slightly hobbit-esque art style, but I still applaud their efforts – without having played the actual game of course.

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News: Comiket 72 doujin roundup

tsunodalove.jpgA quick round up of the more significant doujin game releases during the Summer Comic Market.

Ragna Fantasia
An RPG based on Ragnarok Online.

Trouble Witches
A wonderful horizontal shooter from the makers of AIRRADE, which we mentioned back here.

Apathy Gakkou de atta kowai hanashi ~Visual Novel Version~
The full complete story of the original SFC game of the same name, discussed in more detail back here.

Touhou Fuujinroku ~Mountain of Faith~
Newest game in the now famous Touhou series of vertical shooters…just a matter of time before the Iosys remixes start flooding in.

Touhou Hisouten ~Scarlet Weather Rhapsody~
The pseudo sequel to the popular 2D fighting game Touhou Suimusou by Tasogare Frontier.

The newest game from EasyGameStation (we’ve talked about them in the past too, if you need more reference), this time about running an item shop in a town.

Omamoringo-san 2
The sequel to the fun Windows Media Player plugin that was released last year (cute video of that here – nice song. And some ‘gameplay’ here with some Iosys music behind it), now with a new roommate and additional support for iTunes.

Suzumiya Haruhi no chourantou
A 3D party action vs game featuring the characters from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu. The graphics are great, but the game wasn’t that great…

Miko Blaster
A 2D horizontal shooter featuring shrine maidens.

Tsuno-san daa~ LOVE!!
Great looking 2D horizontal shooter featuring horns (pictured left).

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News: Takoron hit states as Octopuzzle

Compile Heart’s Wii puzzle game Takoron is hitting the U.S. as Octopuzzle, according to EB – this may have been announced some time ago. Conspiracy is bringing it out, along with a slew of euro budget titles from the likes of Metro3D and Neko Entertainment. Steven DeSiena mailed this in, and points out pretty accurately that it seems almost any Wii game can get a localization of some kind these days, with all this and ‘escape from bug island’ – but it’s good to see Compile Heart’s stuff come out!

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News: Umineko no Naku Koro ni

07th Expansion, known for their quite famous Higurashi no Koro ni sound novel doujin game (covered here a few times) have released a new title by the name of Umineko no Naku Koro ni (wiki entry). It sold out in Comiket 72 very quickly by all reports. The first game is apparently already licensed in Taiwan and Singapore. Thanks again to Francesco for the news.

Also, big apologies for no news on Comiket 72 yet…will try to get a roundup soon.

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News: Creativision homebrew cart

Good ole Francesco points out that the first ever homebrew cart has been released for the Creativision, a 1981 European game console/computer. Only 100 were produced, which is good, considering the thing costs about $58. Anyway, it’s being released on September 30th by these dudes in Italy, called Madrigal Design, who also make the Creativision emulator. The official page for the homebrew cart is here, and features all the original Creativision games and programs (making it a bit grey market), and comes with a manual for all games, some controller inserts, and other various stuff. Give it a look!

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News: ToJam final entries

urbantactics.jpgThe (I think) foolishly named ToJam (Toronoto indie games jam) has finally put up the last of its entried, several of which are very interesting (they also updated the website, which has a bit of a game going on there itself). I can’t admit to have tried all of them, but here are the ones that intrigued me – Urban Tactics is a browser game with zombies that you sing to destroy. And you ultimately always lose. Pretty great idea. Next there’s Mohawk Warrior, which is an XNA game, playable on the 360 if you have the software, but also on PC. Kind of a fightingish game, but requires two players, which is always kind of a mistake (but easier in terms of AI, that’s for sure!). The last game I want to highlight is YharrgH!, a DS game that has you touching pirates to get them off your ship. Reminds me of Touchdown, which I actually finally played, and is a bit slow. There are lots more to see though, so check them out here.

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Youtube: Yuzo Koshiro galore

On August 22, game music legend Yuzo Koshiro will be attending the Symphonic Game Music Concert and autograph session in Leipzig, Germany. An arrangement of music from New Super Mario Bros. that he made is gonna be performed.

If you are not one of the lucky ones attending, here you can watch (and listen) to a musical tribute to Yuzo Koshiro. Although it misses some key games, it’s quite good.
You can also watch Yuzo DJing at some club in Tokyo. People even get excited when they see the man himself blasting his best Bare Knuckle techno tracks. (Part: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Finally, we have an interview (in Japanese) where he talks about The Scheme and Wangan Midnight.

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