Off-Topic: Mainstream media still sucks

garriotts.jpgWitness Yahoo’s page marker for the AFP story about Richard Garriott going into space. The actual headline is sort of ok – “Like father, like son: astronaut’s heir heads for the stars.” But the teaser – ‘Gamer going into space’ – is just insulting. We all know that Richard Garriott created Ultima, while he and his brother formed Origin, and it’s fair to assume others don’t know that. But it’s still no excuse to simply call him a ‘gamer.’ It’s like saying ‘Film fanatic buys a sandwich’ when you’re talking about David Cronenberg or something. Not everyone knows who Cronenberg is, but no AP story would degrade him to that level. Garriott is a multi-millionaire visionary with a freaking castle. Not a ‘gamer.’ Sorry for the blog-like post!

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link: top 20 games of TGS on

Hello, my lovelies!! It’s just me, Tim Rogers, coming to you live from a rainy Tokyo. Yes, Tokyo, where it always rains furiously the weekend after Tokyo Game Show ends. That’s God crying, sad that he’ll have to wait 51 weeks for another amazing week in videogame journalism in which large bloggers of all shapes and sizes pump out startling revelations in the tune of “Japanese people LOVE the Nintendo DS”!

At any rate, I have selected twenty games played at Tokyo Game Show, and selfishly called them the “best”, and has for some reason believed me. Where they came across my list, I don’t know, though they not only plagiarized the whole thing, they also put my name on it. Rapscallions!

Click on it and through it repeatedly, please! If you don’t, they won’t send me checks ever again! How will I pay all these child support bills, if not with videogame journalism! Please!!

If you need enticing, know that I was able to fit Hudson’s Shooting Watch in at number 20, and it didn’t even get edited out!

Finally, a bonus for faithful readers: the true game of the show was Delicious Indonesian Curry courtesy of Magic Spice in Shimo-Kitazawa (now for your desktop). Finishing the whole bowl of nuclear curry was even more thrilling and challenging than Metal Gear Solid 4!!

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News: Tokyo Game Show final impressions

I forgot that I played some more games!

Gundam Operation Troy – so this game was better than it was last time, but still not great. It’s developed by Dimps, and is basically their biggest production ever. It’s kind of alright to play, but I did some multiplayer with Tim, Kris Graft from next-gen, and some Japanese fellow. You start out as a human on the ground, and you have to run up to a mech’s knee in order to get into it. Once in there, you’re in a better position to fight obviously, but it’s ridiculously easy to spawn camp, because the mech only show up in certain areas, and you can just shoot them while they’re unmanned, so if you stick around, you can just smack a defenseless mech, then when someone gets in it, it takes one hit to kill them (you always spawn as a human, which are also really easy to kill). Aaaaaaaaawesome? If they fix that, it might be alright.

Call of Duty 4 – this game is really quite good. All sorts of wacky stuff happened in the demo, complete with a sinking ship, stuff exploding, and jumping into a helicopter. Total Hollywood big-budget game, but well done.

Rez HD – looks nice! It’s Rez and all, and it’s very high resolution. I was wishing they’d call it Rez High Res, but no dice. There’s not much else to say about it. Works for me.

Shikigami no Shiro III – this was my first time playing it actually, and it was quite good. Same game as before, the series hasn’t really lost much quality since II. It should really be a downloadable game though, not a boxed product. Whoops.

Muchi Muchi Pork – got to play this at an arcade. It’s a bit ‘Cave-lite’ in the early stages, without much curtain fire or anything like that. But the difficulty ramps up fast…it was quite visually pleasing though, and you collect little Ps in order to level up your gun. When you do, it says ‘Pork Up!’ Plays like most Cave games these days, with a rapid fire spread shot, and a concentrated beam. I’d definitely play a home port of this.

Big Bang Beat – played this at TRF arcade – it’s basically a doujin PC game in an arcade box. Really worked well though! Looks like it’s not getting a proper port yet though.

OK, I think that’s really it this time?

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News: Frogman

Compile Heart has a weird game coming to DS – The Frogman Show. It’s based on an odd flash animation, and will feature a bunch of minigames, and probably be terrible (thought some of the minigames actually look quite decent). But hey! Might as well know about it. There’s a mildly funny video if your interest has been piqued. After all, who can resist anything from a company with a logo like this?

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News: Interview with Budcat regarding Blast Works

Siliconera has a nice interview with Budcat, who’s doing the remake of ABA Games’ Tumiki Fighters for Wii. I say remake, because they’re basically using his original game as a guide, and redoing the whole thing from scratch. Personally that’s extremely frightening, but if the things they’re adding are well done, I suppose it could be nice. Budcat seems to have mostly been a porting house before, so I suppose they know what they’re doing there. Guess we’ll see…

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News: Scramble Commander the 2nd footage

scommander_2nd_cover.jpgThe sequel to the first Scramble Commander made the rounds at TGS prior to its early November release. There is a rather large promotional video up on Ruliweb (right click here for 142 MB of robotic posturing) but if the size is a bit too much for you then there’s a version of it on YouTube. The first game was an interesting experiment for the Super Robot Wars series, in that the more renowned games have been resolutely turn based in format whereas Scramble Commander opted for something akin to an RTS. There are some very comprehensive videos of the first game in action here if you’re curious to see what the sequel will essentially offer more of.

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News: Operation Troy up close

operation_troy_cockpit1.jpgOver at NikkeiBP, there is some semi-decent footage of Operation Troy running at this year’s TGS. It’s looking pretty decent and it’s clear now that the Gundam inspired Battlefield is having to deal with a greater polygonal emphasis on very large mobile suits (to the partial detriment of the local vegetation, which appears to have a pretty stringent polygon count). Interestingly, some of the Time Crisis staff has moved over to the Operation Troy team partially explaining the eclectic third person view. Towards the end of the video there’s a little segment involving the Federation’s cannon fodder in the form of their tank, which is dutifully stepped on by a Zaku II and killed outright. Nice to see that someone has done their homework on the host work.

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News: Itsuwari no Rondo info and screens

Itsuwari no Rondo is a new SRPG from Success – official site here. It was previously untitled, but was ultimately titled by fans through a survey. The system page shows more of the battle system – click the brown tabs to see more screens in there. Looks interewsting, kind of a bit like a horizontal perspective Shining Force style, but with enemy pass-through. On this page you’ll see that if you defeat one enemy through a path you’ve chosen, you can move on to the next. It’s got an alright, if a bit standard art style, but check some wallpapers if it intrigues you. The character page is particularly fun, because if you click on each one you see a little animated gif of their in-game sprite’s idle animation. Fans of the Izuna games should also note that she makes an appearance, as does Cotton from Success’ famous shooting series. That’s almost enough for me to pick this up! It’s out now, so check some screens here, and if you’re intrigued, buy here, though it’s a full-priced game. Maybe somebody will pick it up for the West?

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News: Astonishia Story 2

astonishia2.jpgNeglected to mention this a while ago, but Astonishia Story is getting a proper sequel on the PSP. There’s no real info on Sonnori’s site yet, but SiliconEra somehow got a bunch of screens. I personally liked the original game for what it was (and as a game originally released in 1994), but I do hope the sequel improves on it quite a bit. They’ve had 13 years to think about it, so I imagine they should be able to come up with something.

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