News: Itsuwari no Rondo info and screens

| brandon

Itsuwari no Rondo is a new SRPG from Success – official site here. It was previously untitled, but was ultimately titled by fans through a survey. The system page shows more of the battle system – click the brown tabs to see more screens in there. Looks interewsting, kind of a bit like a horizontal perspective Shining Force style, but with enemy pass-through. On this page you’ll see that if you defeat one enemy through a path you’ve chosen, you can move on to the next. It’s got an alright, if a bit standard art style, but check some wallpapers if it intrigues you. The character page is particularly fun, because if you click on each one you see a little animated gif of their in-game sprite’s idle animation. Fans of the Izuna games should also note that she makes an appearance, as does Cotton from Success’ famous shooting series. That’s almost enough for me to pick this up! It’s out now, so check some screens here, and if you’re intrigued, buy here, though it’s a full-priced game. Maybe somebody will pick it up for the West?


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