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Hello, my lovelies!! It’s just me, Tim Rogers, coming to you live from a rainy Tokyo. Yes, Tokyo, where it always rains furiously the weekend after Tokyo Game Show ends. That’s God crying, sad that he’ll have to wait 51 weeks for another amazing week in videogame journalism in which large bloggers of all shapes and sizes pump out startling revelations in the tune of “Japanese people LOVE the Nintendo DS”!

At any rate, I have selected twenty games played at Tokyo Game Show, and selfishly called them the “best”, and has for some reason believed me. Where they came across my list, I don’t know, though they not only plagiarized the whole thing, they also put my name on it. Rapscallions!

Click on it and through it repeatedly, please! If you don’t, they won’t send me checks ever again! How will I pay all these child support bills, if not with videogame journalism! Please!!

If you need enticing, know that I was able to fit Hudson’s Shooting Watch in at number 20, and it didn’t even get edited out!

Finally, a bonus for faithful readers: the true game of the show was Delicious Indonesian Curry courtesy of Magic Spice in Shimo-Kitazawa (now for your desktop). Finishing the whole bowl of nuclear curry was even more thrilling and challenging than Metal Gear Solid 4!!


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