Off-Topic: Mainstream media still sucks

| brandon

garriotts.jpgWitness Yahoo’s page marker for the AFP story about Richard Garriott going into space. The actual headline is sort of ok – “Like father, like son: astronaut’s heir heads for the stars.” But the teaser – ‘Gamer going into space’ – is just insulting. We all know that Richard Garriott created Ultima, while he and his brother formed Origin, and it’s fair to assume others don’t know that. But it’s still no excuse to simply call him a ‘gamer.’ It’s like saying ‘Film fanatic buys a sandwich’ when you’re talking about David Cronenberg or something. Not everyone knows who Cronenberg is, but no AP story would degrade him to that level. Garriott is a multi-millionaire visionary with a freaking castle. Not a ‘gamer.’ Sorry for the blog-like post!


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