News: Get better at Street Fighter III

| brandon

sfiiitutorial.jpgA fellow named Jonathan Berlinghoff (AKA Catalyst) mailed me about his guide to improving one’s skills at Street Fighter III, which is arguably the most technical game in Capcom’s 2D fighting lineup. The guide describes terms and techniques, and also has some tutorial videos to go along with it. I have to admit that this game is the SF in which I am absolutely the weakest, and response to the article has been good from what I’ve seen. It’s not for absolute newbies, as you do have to understand basic terminology like QCF (quarter circle forward) and the like, or abbreviations of super moves, like that SRK=shoryuken. Luckily he’s also got a nice lexicon of terms. Handy! But all in all, it seems pretty useful, with joystick representations of the moves and everything. Huzzah!


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