News: Ookibloks

| brandon

ookibloks.jpgOokibloks is a game that’s currently submitted to the IGF, done by Studio Work 3 and the awesome Hermitgames. Work 3 is doing the art, music, design, and that sort of thing, and Hermitgames is doing all the serious programming stuff. Work 3, I was pleased to learn, is basically Brian Flanagan, who made an Ikaruga t-shirt a while back (2004 – wow) which I still wear to this day. The first link has a trailer for the game, which has a nice 2D style with faux 2D graphics, a fake Japanese aesthetic, and very nice music, which you can play a melody on top of with your combos…however they may work. The faux-Japanese stuff usually rubs me the wrong way but is quite charming here – the in-game stuff I mean. Not totally sold on the intro, stylish though it may be. In conclusion: very much looking forward to it, not that I understand in any way how it plays.


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