News: Creanimax 2007 Game Development Contest winners

| guillermo

momo.jpgCreanimax (animation and videogame festival in Mexico) took place earlier this month. Although it’s just the second time it was held, it’s definitively an event to keep an eye on. The conferences and workshops were top notch with international exhibitors like Lionhead Studios, Wanako Games, Eidos and Epic Games, among others. The expo show floor is still lacking: entries for the International Videogame Contest weren’t playable (or even showcased) and stands were few and not that interesting. I hope they work hard on improving these aspects of the festival for the next year’s edition.

Anyways, the International Videogame Contest winners are:

1.- Tempo (Cristian Pastor, Spain)

2.- Momo Adventures (Dreamchaser Interactive, Mexico)

3.- Lost Word Temple (Isaac Barbosa/H


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