News: Dynamite Dreams

The Alice company, based in France, is making a new game for the Dreamcast in 2008 called Dynamite Dreams – check out a trailer here. It’s based on a minigame from the Alice Dreams adventure game they’ve been making for DC for some time, which you can see here or download here. It seems to be a pretty clear Bomberman clone, but it’s rather neat that you can play on your VMU – or at least I think you can. In the video it says ‘at the same time,’ but I assume they just mean it’s also represented on your vmu in the controller while you play? Reading the news section, it may be more of a Pac-Man Versus kind of scenario. Anyway, kind of fun to see another new Dreamcast game at this stage, though it’s a bit of a small one.

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News: The continuing excellence of journos

Something about videogames must just make everyone turn to shit. After Yahoo’s awesome handling of Richard Garriott’s space journey, I unfortunately decided not to record their awesome story the next day, which was headlined something like “George Lucas’ Fracture redefines battle games.” And of course George Lucas has nothing to do with Fracture. Anyway, today we’re talking about the New York Times, which in addition to referring to the 360 as the “Xbox console” in this story about the Yaris XBLA game, also credits Backbone with creating Sonic the Hedgehog. No joke. In case you don’t want to browse, here it is:

The idea and game design for the Yaris game came from Toyota

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News: Swinging Singles

Earlier in the month, Sardius had an experience with a very not safe for work old arcade game called Swinging Singles – his report is amusing. You have to avoid venereal diseases in order to get a key, and join an ‘orgy,’ featuring a green man with a yellow mustache and a red woman. Pretty graphic, actually, and it’s made by the awesomely named Ent. Ent. LTD. What could be better?

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News: More things that used to be better

billboardfulop.jpgBillboard used to have game design awards, oddly! The picture to the left was found via Imagic co-founder Rob Fulop‘s website. It’s like everybody knew games were the next big thing back in the 70s, but then changed their mind after the big crash, and figured games were just for kids. Rather odd how that happened. Thanks to Frank for pointing this out!

Incidentally, recent lack of updates is due to temporarily canceled internet service, and subsequently not wanting to talk to a robot on the phone to fix it. Don’t forget to pay your bills, folks!

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News: Vii

vii.jpgIn case you haven’t kept up with the latest in Chinese copyright infringement, you should check out Engadget’s extensive coverage of the Vii. Here‘s the magazine ad that first caught their notice. Here you’ll find larger photos of the console, which is not very subtle about its influences, though I’m not sure it takes discs. This is some live video of the system in action. I personally love the video where the kid says ‘It’s so weird!’ Now here are some comparison shots of the Wii versus Vii. It’s funny that through all of this, nobody has bothered to say how the games are actually delivered to the console. Or are they built in? No mention of the name of the company that did it, either. Oh well! Still interesting.

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News: Mahou no shoujo Silky Lip eroge

silkylip.jpg<Brandon’s note: many of these links are not work safe>

After destroying our old gaming memories by licensing Valis and Arcus to eants and allowing them to make eroge versions of the games, Telenet Japan has decided it just wasn’t enough yet, as Waffle has announced that they are making an eroge version of Telenet Japan’s classic MegaCD game, Mahou no Shoujo Silky Lip. The eroge version will be made up of two parts, one will be a remake of the original MegaCD game when the characters were still young, and the second part will be where the characters have grown up, and… have lots of grown up stuff happen.

<Brandon’s second note: At least it says ‘downroad’ at the top. And if you don’t know Valis or Arcus, research here and here.>

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News: Net Jet

netjet.jpgI forget who pointed this out to me by now (may even have been kotaku), but Tiger Electronics (of LCD games and Game,com infame) has released the Net Jet, which is a new game console – sort of. It appeares to be more like a controller for your PC that you buy ‘keys’ for, which unlock games online…not sure if they’re webgames, or properly installed on your PC. The games are cheap, and are of extremely varying quality, it seems. They have videos of each one, but this is mostly just interesting because it marks Tiger’s return to the gaming sphere.

As an aside, they also have a bunch of other weird toys, like this Guitar Hero-like stand alone toy, and this paintball-branded light gun game (I think) that’s plug and play.

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News: Nineball kit on the way

nineball_kit1.jpgContinuing the successful Variable Infinity series of model kits, Kotobukiya is releasing the updated version of Nineball this December. Nineball, for those that may not know, was the predominant antagonist in many of From Software’s ongoing Armored Core games. This particular rendition appeared in Armored Core Ninebreaker and was the final opponent you faced on the 150th “training program” (Ninebreaker being the ninth game in the series, hence all the numerical references and the reappearance of Nineball). Like all the previous Variable Infinity kits you’ll be able to customise this kit in a way that’s similar to the games.

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