Youtube: Virtual On Sega Ages secret boss

| brandon

robosecrets.jpgComplete and utter robot fellator Cacophanus has found a hidden boss in the Sega Ages remake of Virtual On for PS2. Here’s what he had to say about it. “This is a full playthrough on the new Fierce difficulty on the Sega Ages port of the arcade original Virtual On. This also features a secret final boss, in the form of the original Fei-Yen (the VR in the game was actually a copy). You reach the secret boss by completing the other stages very quickly.”

By quickly, he means, well…the whole video is 9 minutes, from the machine select screen to the end of the final credits. This boss, he tells me, is exclusive to the PS2 version, so if you too have mental problems, you might want to get it.

Update: Once again I forgot to link the video. It’s linked now! Just a few hours later this time! He’s also got footage of the Z-gradt mode and a bunch of character-specific superplays, so you might want to check his profile.


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