News: Yukinko Daisenpuu ~Sayuki to Koyuki no Hie-Hie Daisoudou~

| brandon

The long-titled Yukinko Daisenpuu ~Sayuki to Koyuki no Hie-Hie Daisoudou~ now has an official site. It’s coming out for Wii, full priced unfortunately, but looks quite interesting as a 2D action shooting game, in the vein of Pocky & Rocky, et al. Just a static image with some screens, but better than nothing! Oh yes – coming out in December for 6,090 yen, tax included.

[Recap’s note: Though it’s really hard to tell, Yukinko Daisenpuu is actually the final form of Starfish’ Kiki Kaikai 2, which you’ll remember as one of the most promising projects for this year (if you want to know the details, you can find the full story compiled and illustrated right here). As you can see, there’s already a US version of Yukinko Daisenpuu planned (announced indeed even before the Japanese one). Quite an odd bastardization, isn’t it.]


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