News: ACE3 Display Awards

| kurokishi

ace3_display_award.jpgThis was posted up on the official Another Century’s Episode website fairly recently and it’s about From Software/Banpresto giving awards to shops that managed to display the latest installment with the most gusto. It’s a bit bonkers but also rather fun at the same time. Some of the award titles are also a tad crazy as well.

It’s also worth pointing out that the Special Vocal Version of the second game will be released in the next few days. This uses the technology from the third game that allowed full blown audio tracks (in this case classic anime opening songs) to stream from the disc. It’s pretty cool that they’re doing this (and at a more budget price too no less).

To finish off, it’s also worth pointing out (as nobody else has yet) that the OG mecha used in ACE3 (called the Ixbrau, it’s the blue mecha in the top right of the photo in case you’re wondering) was designed by a chap called Takayuki Yanase. He used to work at From Software years ago, namely on Armored Core 2 and Murakumo (for the latter he had a large involvement with the mecha design) but then left to try his wares in the anime industry (you’ll have seen a lot of his work in Eureka 7 without realizing it most probably). Anyway, he’s now working on the latest Gundam series and pretty much helming the designwork (personally, I think his work on ACE3 was much better though).


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