News: Oldergames for sale-ish

| brandon

Oldergames is ‘maybe’ up for sale, according to co-founder RW Bivins, who says that they’ll sell the company essentially if somebody makes a decent offer. I assume this includes whatever releases they still had upcoming. Perhaps most amazingly, through this announcement I discovered the company’s investor relations page. If you were ever curious to know what kind of money a company selling unreleased Sega CD games makes, this is your chance. It also shows the disc cost versus selling price, which is pretty interesting – but these profits don’t include whatever money needs to be paid to the original rights holders (where applicable). If you look at the breakdown by game, Jack Sprite and Plunderball were their most popular releases. They each made a profit of $5,680 at a profit margin of $14.20 each, meaning they sold 400 copies. Most curious. Most likely it wouldn’t be too expensive, but it’s unclear how much you’d get for your money.

Anyway, they’re considering selling Oldergames to focus on their Knurdz Media brand, which seems to consist of a potential retail store, a game site, and an IT business called Mr. FixIT. The latter has a satisfied customer review from Knurdz/Oldergames’ other co-founder John Campbell. Eep.


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