News: Card Fighters 2 English version

cfc2flavor.gifFlavor is moving forward with his new translation of CFC 2 for the Neo Geo Pocket Color… and now he’s got a site documenting his progress. If he keeps up the current pace, he may be done by the end of the year. Fingers crossed! If you check the November 7 entry, you’ll find a video teaser of the English version. I find it a bit ‘cute,’ but I haven’t actually played CFC 2 (shamefully), so maybe that’s how the original is. Anyway, he’s taking suggestions, help, and anything else, so give it a look-see.
He’s also got a poll on the right asking what platform you’d like to see the patch wind up on, though any system with an emulator should do it!

(Note: the image to the left is not in the game – it’s just kind of awesome.)
Update: Fixed the November 7 video teaser link. It’s been too long! All kinds of mistakes today.

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News: Raiden Fighters Aces

aces_01.pngUnder that name a compilation of the whole Raiden Fighters series has just been announced via Famitsu magazine. It’s being developed by Gulti (ex-Seibu staffers, also currently working on… this) and will be published by Success next year for the XB360 as a standard DVD release (“hopefully,” given the luck the announced XB version of Raiden Fighters had ni the past – that is to say none, if you don’t recall). Let’s not forget though that the Raiden Fighters games run at a resolution which the 360 can’t display full screen, so don’t expect a nearly perfect version at all. Live compatibility included, they say in the mag.

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Link: New issue of Postback

tono_01.PNGThat magazine-styled website in the Spanish language run by none other than myself has just got a brand-new issue, so seems like a good moment to post a link here once again. You’ll find there discussions and pics on some not-too-well known Japanese games this time, such as Gust’s first attempt at replicating the Pokemon formula, or Sunsoft’s satirical(?) action game Deae Tonosama Appare Ichiban for the SFC, and there’s an essay too about why Capcom’s new Bionic Commando is a wrong video-game even before being released. Non-Spanish-versed visitors may at least find useful the Soft Lists section, especially now that the PlayStation List has been added. Those documents may serve not only to learn full and correct names in romaji (usually improving the transliteration attempts you can find in other sites), release dates, adaptations for Western regions, and compatible/required peripherals for every game, it also tries to list developers instead of just the publishing company. Keep in mind that they’re not (nor do they try to be) comprehensive.

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News: Tec-Toy releasing portable Megadrive

tectoygenesis.jpgTec-Toy is releasing a portable Megadrive/Genesis in Brazil on the 5th of December for 199 Reais, which is about $114.25. It runs on three AAA batteries, and comes with 20 games installed on the flash ram, which is kind of unfortunate – no cart or SD slot, so no adding games of your own. The 20 games are listed at the link above – nothing you haven’t seen before, but Crack Down, Ristar, and Decap Attack are kind of unexpected. Much obliged to Fernando for pointing this out.

And while we’re talking about Tec-Toy, check out their latest home system based on the genesis – it has some of their original (and rather crappy) games in Portuguese!

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News: Black Ice, White Noise

blackice.jpgLooking at those Jag videos, I remembered the cyberpunk 3rd person adventure game Black Ice, White Noise. It was supposed to be a killer ap for the CD add-on, but Atari was rushing things, and then eventually cut it, as was typical of them at the time. It was actually shown on the back of the Jag CD box, which is how I first noticed it, naturally – there’s info about it here, with some rather silly interview clips from one of the creators, who was very excited that their ideas predated the Matrix…but was very clearly based on William Gibson‘s books anyway. The game never came out (as I mentioned) but you can check out a video at the bottom of that info page. What’s even neater though, is this video of an alpha build of the game, much earlier than what you see in other build, but with a lot more shown. One of the texture artists has the top post on youtube right now!

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Youtube: Jaguar promo videos

I stumbled across these awesome promo videos for Atari’s Jaguar recently – they’re from 1994, and basically show you almost every game destined to come out on the system. Here they are: one, two, three, four, and five. Five is particularly interesting because it shows Fight For Life, the really genuinely awful Virtua Fighter-alike, and the genuinely awesome Burn Out, a motorcycle racing game. Check out that awesome 2D speed! The fantastic Amiga demoscene soundtrack! Whenever people tell me all Jaguar games sucked, I point them to this – not that they could ever play it anyway. Burn Out, Power Drive Rally (it’s a tough game, but not nearly as hard as this guy makes it look), and Tempest 2000 of course, and the old pixel-based VLM. So for those who missed out on this console entirely, you should be able to get a good idea of the cart-based games for the system anyway…

For some extra humor, check out this comparison of the Sega CD and unreleased Jag CD versions of Soul Star. Then look at the comments to watch people continue to debate whether the Jaguar was 64 bit, whether Sega sucks, and which one is better. Amazing. How do people remember these arguments anymore? It’s like the Hatfields and McCoys.

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Youtube: Yamaoka music video

Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka came out with an album called iFuturelist a while ago – really bizarre stuff, and a departure from his SH fare. Just today I found a music video from those sessions. It’s just about as bizarre as the music…he really can’t pull off the tough guy look! Apparently it was also featured in a recent Beatmania…or something?

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News: D4 Enterprise Q&A

d4e.jpgI did a short Q&A with D4 during TGS, and it’s up on gamasutra today. D4 is the company that did the 1-chip MSX, which we’ve mentioned previously, and also runs Project EGG, which emulates lots of old Japanese PC games. I didn’t really ask about that stuff in the interview, because the guy I spoke with couldn’t find his manager (sure…). So I wound up asking more about their ports of SNK games to virtual console – but still, it was neat to talk to them!

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Rumor: Mexican game coming to XBLA

Xibalba Studios, Mexican game development company, may be working on what could be the first Mexican Xbox Live Arcade game (and the first 100% Mexican game to appear on a game console ever). It’s said it could be a karting game but no more details were given.

I contacted them, and the Xibalba Studios guys said they were not yet ready to talk about their games, also, the Jambitz blog entry where I first saw the news posted is gone! Now it’s even gone from Google’s cache! (It was still there one week ago).

How suspicious… Still, I think it’s happening, but not as soon as it was reported. I’ll keep you informed.

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News: Chosun Musa update

chosunmusa.jpgWildcat is still hard at work on Chosun Musa, his Korean history-based 2D doujin fighting game. His blog has some new profile pics and sprites, featuring (from top to bottom) Yum Gyugeoup the Hell officer, Suh Kyunju the Sword breaker, and Yeo Eulser the Wizardry thief. Here’s what he says about each character:

Yum: He is a noble daemon guy, and his job is to send dead men to the hellspawn legion. He is a reaper from the world beyond. Also he is really, really old…. Not a human age. He uses two types of the weapons – A static shaped sword(Whan’do) and the Blade of the dark wave. A dark blade is a kind of a beam-like projectile.

Suh: She is a 21 year old woman and former-heroine of the military forces a year ago. But she decided to enjoy real life and meet awesome and strong boys in the world, so she gave up working for the country and return to being a normal girl -At least her sword skills still alive-. She wears new clothes, doing the make-up daily, and changed the personality to be more female. A year ago, she looked and acted like a ordinary young boy… She uses two types of the weapons – A stick sword (Changpo’Keum) and A mirror of the twisted dimension.

chosunmusa2.jpgYeo: He is a 17 year old, just a weak and small boy and that doesn’t looks fit for fighting against anyone, but he REALLY wants to steal and collect unique books of battle histories, so he joins this dangerous battleground for his mission. He uses two types of weapons – A scrolls of the edge. It can use paper like a sharp blade, also it can summon some words and pictures to the real world from this document. He also uses a pack of gold coins(A melee weapon like a flail). In fact, Suh Kyunju’s magic mirror’s true owner is him. She stole this mirror several months ago in the search for powerful guys.

So there you go! I’m actually in Korea now, so will meet up with Wildcat – like many indies, he’s not in a main metropolis, but is about two hours south of Seoul. More updates as I get them – he still wants this to be a ‘Samurai Shodown killer’ – we’ll see! Oh, and note that the in-game screen is several months old.

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